1 What is bulk SMS?

It is sending large number of SMS for delivery to customers at a time.It is used by e-Commerce stores,enterprises,banks and consumer brands for a variety of purposes including entertainment,enterprise and mobile marketing.

2 Which Plan Is Right For Me ?

Based upon your requirement of bulk message service, the type of message (transactional or promotional) and number of messages, choose the plan accordingly.

3 Can I test a demo account before buying ?

Yes, you can. Either give a call on +91 746 206 8129 or register yourself with us.

4 Does ‘texty’ comply to the guidelines of TRAI?

Yes, it complies to all the guidelines of TRAI.

5 What is sender ID?

It is the ID created by the user. Sender ID will be created like HP-ABCDEF etc.

6 When will my ID be approved?

ID will be approved within 24 hours after the verification process.

7 How many SMS can I send at once?

There’s no limit.

8 Where will my queries be solved?

Call us at +91 746 206 8129 between 10:00 am-06:00 pm or drop a mail at

9 What is a template and how can I use it?

Template is a one-time message created by the user which needs to be sent to many recipients. It is used when one message is to be sent to many people. Create the template, add contacts, and send.

10 How to keep a track of sent messages?

The sent messages can be seen in the history tab.

11 How to preview the message to be send?

This feature is available in group-send and single-send. Click the preview tab, and you will be able to see the message you are sending.

12 Can I send personalized SMS to my contacts?

Yes, you can.

13 Which type of SMS can be send on DND numbers?

Transactional messages can be sent to DND numbers.

14 How to upload details from an excel sheet?

There’s an option for uploading the details from the excel sheet. Browse the files, select the required excel file, and click the ‘upload’ button. This can be done in the single-send as well as the quick-send.

15 How much will the template approval take?

It will take maximum of 6 hours.